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WHO Air Quality Guidelines

For certain families of chemicals (dioxins, PCBs, hydrocarbons), first find the CAS registry No. or specific HTTVs in “Useful References”





At present, Human Health Toxicity Values (HHTV) for pesticides and acute HHTVs are not online. Pending online availability, FURETOX gives access to HHTVs for chronic exposure and carcinogenicity classifications of substances.

Enter name of compound or CAS registry number

Default search mode "exact". If in doubt (spelling, incomplete, not common usage), select "approximate"

Or search using CAS registry number (format: xxxxx-xx-x)


How does the FURETOX search engine work?

Step ?    Enter name or CAS registry number of target substance
Step 1    Confirm choice by clicking on CAS number
Step 2    Tick box/boxes for substance selected
Step 3    Access results & print (or save in pdf format)

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